Friday, April 18, 2008

Forms Personalization -1

What is forms Personalization?

It is new features where some of the customization can be handled easy by simply setting the rules from the front end.It is available from

Why do we need forms Personalization?

For example in scenarios like

1.Change the prompts

2.Display some custom message when certain conditions are met

3.Enable and disabling fields/buttons based on conditions

4.For Enabling special menu.(like opening another reference form from the current form)

IF both Form personalization and custom pll are done for a form which one will take effect first?

Form personalization first and then only custom pll

How to start doing it?

Open the form where you want to personalize .

Menu Navigation: Help ->Diagnostics->Custom Code -> Personalize

This should open the personalization Form.

There are two profile options which will decide whether you able to see or not


Utilities: Diagnostics = Yes/No
Hide Diagnostics = Yes/No

There is new option available for level to define whether the rule need to be applied at form level or function level.Because a form can be attached to multiple functions.

Insert Get Expression & Insert item value button help you in building the conditional statement , very help for non technical people.

The major thing to observe are

1.SEQ: The sequence in which the rules are executed

2.Description:Description of the Rule

3.Level -- whether it is at form level or Function level..

4.Condition –what is the event and the object where the below condition need to

be checked

5.Action-- what actions it should perform when the condition is met

6.Context -- same a profile option levels at what level the rule need to be applied

Under actions

SEQ: it gives the list of actions that need to be performed when the condition is met

Type:1.Property – used for changing the properties of field

Message –used to display message when the condition is met

Built in --used to calling some standard form and AOL functionalities

Menu -- used in case of enabling special menu’s

General & Important Observations:

All actions and rules can be enabled and disabled(using checkbox) or deleted using delete option on the tool bar

Always validate the rule after you create using validate button

Save the record before you close this personalization form

To move form personalization from one instance to other there is FNDLOAD utility available .

Check the site for FNDLOAD examples…


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Is there a way to use Forms Personalization to Disable Attachment for specific responsibility in a specific form in EBS for ex. Disable attachment for Resp 'PO End User' in Requisition form.

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