Monday, April 28, 2008

Attachment Functionality in Oracle Applications

why do i need a attachment functionality?
The attachments feature enables users to link unstructured data, such as images, wordprocessing documents, spreadsheets, or text to their application data. For example,users can link images to items or video to operations as operation instructions.
Can i enable it to any form i want?
For most of the standar you can do that..i hope custom form done in standard way can also have this feauture enabled
where should i start???
Lets Define the terms first
1.Entity:An entity is an object within Oracle Applications data, such as an item, an order, or anorder line. The attachments feature must be enabled for an entity before users can link attachments to the entity.
2.Category:A document category is a label that users apply to individual attachments anddocuments. Document categories provide security by restricting the documents that canbe viewed or added via a specific form or form function.
In the below example i am tryign to enable the attachment funcionality for the USer form..I want to upload the approval copy for creating a user or attaching new responsibility
what are the steps to do that??
Step1:First Define a Entity for which you are creating the attachments.In my case it is users.
define the base table and entityid and others things

Step2:Define a category(optional).if the attachments belongs logically to different group.
In this example i am addding to the miscellenous category.

Make the assignments of the Function once you define it.
step3:Find the Form Name,Function Name and block name to which the attachment feauture need to be enabled.
Step4:Define the Attachment Function .Seelct the type either you want the attachmetn feature at form level or Function level

Press the Blocks Button. and Enter the Block name you want to enable the attachment feauture.

Press the Entities Button

Enter the entity and other settings and see what fuctionalties are required for this query,insert,update and delete allowed can be done or not from this form
Enter the primary Key so that it show the document based on the primary key.

If it a common document like across users then primary key should not be given.

Press the categories button to select the caegories

Press the Assignments Button in document categories and attach the Function.

Now the attache button is the button and upload the document..

uploading document is self explainable
for developing some complex tthe application developer for more info..
more or less it depends on the entity definition and the primary key for the document..
you can have more than one primary key...just play aroud with the primary will be able to get any requirement...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic work....
I even use your tips in my code..

Anonymous said...


It works!

Alessandro C. (from Italy)

Anonymous said...

Thats Great Murthy!
But how to print such attachments in RDF/XML/Discoverer reports.


Monica said...

Hi Murthy,

Great going! :)

Looks like I need your help too... I am developing a custom form which has a button which upon clicking, must open the attachments form (FNDATTCH) in read only mode.

I have tried using CALL_FORM, etc but to no avail.

Could you please give me some tips on how to proceed on this requirement??!

Thanks a lot in advance....

Anonymous said...

I have a requirement of Disabling the attachments for couple of responsibilities in the Requisition Form.

I tried
IF (form_name = 'POXRQERQ' ) THEN
IF (resp_name = 'PO End User' OR
resp_name = 'Requisition Input') THEN
in custom.pll but it doesn't do anything.

I would appreciate if you could please guide me what is wrong. Alternatively is there a way to use Forms Personalization for this specific purpose.


jen.larco said...

This is great - we're struggling with joining a service request and an order header. We're using order_source_document_id as the primary key, assuming it joins with incident_id. The problem is that it's bringing all service attachments to OM, not joining on the order. Have you done this?

Kalyan Reddy said...

Hi Murthy

Nice article which will really helpul.

I need some more help from you...

Do you have any idea about API approach to Create, Update and Delete the attachment already created for an Item or routing or routing opeation.

If you have any idea please send me those details to my mail id or post those details on your blog.

Thanks in Advance

vijaykumar said...

Hi Murthy ,

I created custom form in that form only 1 field is user_entity_name ,i am selecting from the lov select statment is select user_entity_name,Application_name from fnd_document_entities_vl
where table_name='XXPFSAP_FILE_UPLOAD' .
When i select user_entity_name lov when i click on attachment i cannot go in Please suggest me what to doo ..Even i added all the details in Document Entities,Document Categories and attachment functions

Anonymous said...

Hi Murthy..Very nice article..

One quick question on this- On attaching and saving files, the attachment icon is not showing that its having some attachments.

In some articles,I have read that if attachment is there, then the icon will look like a paper clip with a paper on it.

Please help.

Senthil said...

Great work. We were looking for this for long time.


GV said...

Hi Murthy,

Really great job.


sanju said...

keep up the good work. your instructions were very helpful

Sridevi Koduru said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Murthy,

This was so much help. We were having problems using this on a complex form with many blocks. The blocks were also based on views. When hitting the attachment button, we were getting an error message about an undefined global variable. We went to the "Primary Key Fields" part of the entity section. Instead of the just the field name we also added the block name as in block_name.field_name. After doing this, everything worked fine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for such detail and useful article.

Swapnil Dandgvhal said...

Hi can any one tell me how can i disable to standarad attachment icon appears in menu bar in oracle apps standard pages like requistion, purchase order page etc.

Mohammad Jawad said...

Nice Article Murthy, Can you please guide me about saving attachments in File system instead of Database in standard Oracle Attachment option.
I have requirement of storing scanned documents against a Gl transaction but the file stored in Database I want it t be saves on file syste. I am using Oracle E business suite 11i

Thanks Regards

Sridevi Koduru said...
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Sridevi Koduru said...
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Sridevi Koduru said...

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Zulqarnain Turabi said...

Can you please guide me how to enable attachment funcitonality in oracle custom form.I already follow the above steps but attachment icon is not being displayed on respective field .

Regards ,