Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Concurrent Program LOCKs..

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Now a days i am developing a concurrent program...while developing in some scenarios the concurrent program is not completingso i want to terminate,make some corrections and resubmit my program..even i terminate, the lock on my object are not getting releasedso i need to find the locked session and terminate the session...i thought of getting the information of session which i am currently using from oracle applications GUI itself but no information of session is available in front end...then i figured out that oraclesession and oracle_process_id are two columns in fnd_concurrent requests.
query1:select concurrent_program_name,fcr.REQUESTED_START_DATE, oracle_process_id,oracle_Session_id from FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS fcr,fnd_concurrent_programs fcp,fnd_logins fl,fnd_user fuwhere fcr.CONCURRENT_PROGRAM_ID=fcp.CONCURRENT_PROGRAM_ID and fcr.CONC_LOGIN_ID=fl.login_idand fl.user_id=fu.user_id--and fcr.request_id=441792and fu.user_name='MGANJAM'order by fl.start_time desc
query2select sql_text, sid, SERIAL# from v$session vs,v$sqltext vsql,applsys.fnd_concurrent_requests fcrwhere vs.sql_hash_value=vsql.hash_valueand fcr.ORACLE_SESSION_ID=vs.AUDSIDand fcr.request_id = '442686'
This query will give the the sql it is running and the SID and serial#
Select * from v$locked_objects
check where any lock exists for the session
then use the alter system kill session to kill the session and the lock will be release
Now you will be able to compile the object...


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