Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Concurrent Manager-1

Hi All.
We all are using concurrent programs ..but might have never put much thought into concurrent manager details....
We know that there are concurrent managers running in background which will be processing the concurrent programs submitted.
Basically they are three managers
1.Internal Manager
2.Standard Manager
3.Conflict manager
First let us see few scenarios..
1.In a instance when ever we are submitting multiple request only few are running.. why?
2.I have some reports which need to be run only in month end .how should I design this??
3.If two modules are submitting programs..and one is submitting more..provison should be made to make others are also submit program and they are get processed.
One user of GL submitted 100 reports…which takes time.. at the same time user2 need a few of reports also processed…How to setup so that both can run their reports

For developer point of view the most concerned one should be standard manager and Defining New Manager
First look at standard manager options..then i will come to how to handle the above scenarios..

Let see what is cache is the number of concurrent programs it will select and keep in the queue.that means even you submit a program with higer priority it will be queues after the cache sized program only…
Press the workshift button which will say when the concurrent manager will be running…
In this note the number of process, it will be decide how many concurren program will be running at a time..dont increase number substantially high it depends on lot of parameters
Like server size and number of nodes…check with you DBA before changing to very high value…

Press the specialization rules button to see the programs which need to be excluded or included in the concurrent manager default all the custom concurrent programs will be running under standard manager;….


Anonymous said...

Do you need to bounce concurrent manager at DB level as opposed to restarting the individual concurent manager for specialization rules to take effect?

Anonymous said...

You can just verify the internal manager to pick up changes and definition.

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