Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Migration Business events and subscriptions

Migrating business events and subscriptions

How do migrate business events and subscription..one of them is using java command wfx load or using packages

Business Events
$AFJVAPRG oracle.apps.fnd.wf.WFXLoad -d apps apps_pwd machine_name:port_no:SID thin US Custom_File_Name.wfx EVENTS Business_Event_Name


$AFJVAPRG oracle.apps.fnd.wf.WFXLoad -d apps apps_pwd machine_name:port_no:SID thin US Custom_File_Name.wfx SUBSCRIPTIONS Business_Event_Name

$AFJVAPRG oracle.apps.fnd.wf.WFXLoad -u apps apps machine_name:port_no:SID thin US Custom_File_Name.wfx

TO force upload a Subscription:

$AFJVAPRG oracle.apps.fnd.wf.WFXLoad -uf apps apps_pwd machine_name:port_no:SID thin US Custom_File_Name.wfx

use the below package to load business event and subscription information using script


This looks easy way for me..

use wf_event_pkg.generate to generate the xml
use that xml as input data for wf_event_pkg.recieve to create a script and migrate to other instances..

l_GUID is the event unique identifier which is available in wf_events table.

l_GUID raw(32000):='AAD7E8E4319215BFE04025ADD478036C';
l_xml_data varchar2(32000);
l_xml_data:=wf_Events_pkg.generate(l_GUID );
dbms_output.put_line ('xml data'||l_xml_data);

Use the output we got above as the input for wf_even_pkg.receive.By using the below script we can migrate the event data to other environments

The xml generated above will contain xml tags like wf_event,guid,name etc..But the some how while posting the tags are removed..

wf_Events_pkg.receive(l_xml_data );
--dbms_output.put_line ('xml data'||l_xml_data);

select * from wf_events where name like 'xxpor%'

Similarly use the wf_event_subscriptions_pkg.generate to generate susbscription xml and use the same XML as inpu to the recieve function
Always make sure you load the event before subscription.

One other way directly use the package insert_row procedures to load data.That requires data that needs to be derived


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