Thursday, December 9, 2010

Steps to Move OA page personalizations at responsibility/Organization level

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Coming to OA page personalization always becareful while defining personalization's .
Dont define personalizations at responsibility level\organization level unless and until it is absolutely required.Because deploying personalizations between instances would be tedious work for the ones defined at organization and responsibility level

1.List all the personalization at the responsibility level for the page

2.export the personalization from the source instance

3.move the personalization.jar/zip files to the target instance

4.unzip the files in the target instance

5.rename the folder names with the corresponding responsibility id’s in the target instance
Use this sql to get the responsibility id in the target instace
select responsibility_key,responsibility_id
from fnd_responsibility
where responsibility_key='XX_CUST_REP'

Rename the folder with target instance responsibity id

60781 folder need to renamed with responsibility id of the target instance like 77876

Note: In case the responsibility key also differs between the instances the page.xml file(personalization file) need to be changed by replacing the responsibility key with corresponding responsibility key

6.Import personalizations

we need to use funtional administrator responsibility/personalization tab/export and import personalization


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