Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Concurrent Programs Business Events

In R12 for concurrent programs submission and completion has business events associated with them
in the concurrent program definition form there is a business events tab which displays the list of events associated

Here you specify the points at which business events are enabled. The possible points are:
Request Submitted
Request On Hold
Request Resumed
Request Running
Program Completed
Post Processing Started
Post Processing Ended
Request Completed

But make sure you set the profile "Concurrent: Business Intelligence Integration Enable". You will need to Set "Yes" to enable Business Events from Concurrent Processing System

After this you create a susbcription for this and can launch the required custom action either a work flow launch or plsql code exectuion


Anonymous said...

What is the database table for business events

Olivier said...

WF_EVENTS is the table where the definition is stored in. The actual raise of the Business event is stored in queues which are cleared after some time.

Syed said...

Hello, thanks for the wonderful post. Can I use business events to notify users upon a request completion? If yes could you please give me the steps. I want to use this approach since the request is submitted from a seeded program and the users cannot set notify on the concurrent program submission.


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