Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oracle workflow standard activities

Hi All,
here i a putting all standard activities of workflow builder from the developer guide..
this is basically for a quick refernce(interview perpective)..just go through all once so that you know what all can be done easily in the workfkow..for details
plz check the oracle workflow developer guide ..

AND/OR Activities:
In cases where multiple parallel branches transition to a single node,
you can decide whether that node should transition forward when any
of those parallel branches complete or when all of the parallel branches

Comparison Activities:
compare date: Use to compare the value of an item type attribute of type Date with a constant date.
compare time:Use to compare the value of an item type attribute of type Number with a constant number.
comparte text: Use to compare the value of two item type attributes of type Text.

Compare Execution Time Activity:
The Compare Execution Time activity provides a standard way to compare the elapsed execution time of a process with a constant test

Wait Activity:
The Wait activity pauses the process for the time you specify. You can
either wait until:
• a specific date
• a given day of the month
• a given day of the week
• a period of time after this activity is encountered

Block Activity:
The Block activity lets you pause a process until some external program or manual step completes and makes a call to the CompleteActivity
Workflow Engine API.

Defer Thread Activity:
The Defer Thread activity defers the subsequent process thread to the background queue without requiring you to change the cost of each
activity in that thread to a value above the Workflow Engine threshold.

Launch Process Activity:
The Launch Process activity lets you launch another workflow process from the current process. This activity calls the PL/SQL procedure

Noop Activity:
The Noop activity acts as a place holder activity that performs no action. You can use this activity anywhere you want to place a node
without performing an action.

Loop Counter Activity:
Use the Loop Counter activity to limit the number of times the Workflow Engine transitions through a particular path in a process.
The Loop Counter activity can have a result of Loop or Exit.

Start Activity:
The Start activity marks the start of a process and does not perform any action. Although it is not necessary, you may include it in your process
diagram to visually mark the start of a process as a separate node.

End Activity:
The End activity marks the end of a process and does not perform any action. You can use it to return a result for a completed process by
specifying a Result Type for the activity.

Role Resolution Activity:
The Role Resolution activity lets you identify a single user from a role comprised of multiple users. In a process diagram, place the Role
Resolution activity in front of a notification activity and specify the performer of that notification activity to be a role consisting of several

Notify Activity:
The Notify function activity lets you send a notification, where the message being sent is determined dynamically at runtime by a prior
function activity. To use the Notify activity, you must model a prerequisite function activity into the process that selects one of several
predefined messages for the Notify activity to send.

Vote Yes/No Activity:
The Vote Yes/No activity lets you send a notification to a group of users in a role and tally the Yes/No responses from those users. The
results of the tally determine the activity that the process transitions to next.

Master/Detail Coordination Activities:
lets the master/detail process wait for a master/detail process to wait
Wait for Flow Activity:
Continue Flow Activity:

Assign Activity: The Assign activity lets you assign a value to an item attribute. This activity calls the PL/SQL procedure named WF_STANDARD.ASSIGN.

Get Monitor URL Activity:
The Get Monitor URL activity generates the URL for the Workflow Monitor diagram window and stores it in an item attribute that you
specify. This activity calls the PL/SQL procedure named WF_STANDARD.GETURL.


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