Tuesday, May 5, 2009

7 Ways for a Better LOG--My View..Suggestions Welcomed

Hi All,
we all use the log files for debugging issues by writting text into them when ever a exception occurs or to know the process flow of our code...Here are few steps that will make us to have better log and make our life easy during supporting phase..

7 ways for writing a Better Log
1.Always Display the Name of the package/procedure in the LOG File.
The main advantage of doing this is no need query the concurrent program name and executable to find the procedure of
concurrent program

2.It is always better to have a common package having the log function.So that every time we want to write into a log
there is no need to type entire fnd_file.put_line(fnd_file.log,'message'
it can be easily done like
it is better to have out also in the same way...

3.If the code is running very long number of lines define a stage variables and set it at different levels..and the dispaly the stage completed value when ever the exception occurs...This helps to debug the issue faster...

4.Display all the derived values in the log

5.When ever you are displaying statements like no data found for any sqlstatments in the code display all the values passed to the SQL along with nodatafound or too many row exception.This inturn will reduce a lot of time during support...

6.Always make sure you attach the SQLERRM variable with the when other exceptions handled...and diplay the section name which is causing this exception
when others then
fnd_File.put_line('Unhandled exception occured in XX_GL_INTF_PKG.Check_PERIOD:'||SQLERRM);

7.Always End the concurrent program either in ERROR or warning when ever a exception occurs in the programs unless it is a business requirement.


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