Friday, July 25, 2008

Customizing Forms in HRMS-Part1(Custom Form)

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Quite often we get the requirements for restricting access and fuctionalites in form which is normally done either by formspersonalization or custom.pll or standard form modification
In HRMS quite often i have seen the restrictions like create applicant ,create placment ,create employement functionalities to certain responsibilities...For these forms there is no need to do forms personalization ...because oracle have developed these forms in a architecture to allow common customisations by doing setup..
1.Custom form functionality
2.Task Flows..
First let us look at the custom Form Functionality..
For example
For some responsibility I want to allow the user to create Employees, Contingent workers and Other but not Applicants..Lets see how implement this requirement
1: Define custom form
Responsibility: Global HR Manager (or alike)
Navigation : Security > CustomFormSelect 'Combined Person & Assignment Form'
as Form to be customized

Customized version
Give your custom form a unique name and titles.
Type: Restrict by person action
Value: Create employmentAdd any actions you want to have enabled on the form.

2. Define form function that uses this custom function
Responsibility: System AdministratorNavigation: Application > functionCreate a new form functionType: FormForm: Combined Person & Assignment FormParameters: HR_CUSTOMIZATION="xx_your_custom_form" in our case it will beHR_CUSTOMIZATION="CREATE ACTION"

3. Add this new function in your menuResponsibility: System Administrator
Navigation: Application > menuQuery the menu your responsibility is using and replace the existing function with the newly created custom function.
Please note that HR_CUSTOMIZATION parameter does not work in conjunction with WORKFLOW_NAME (Task Flow)parameter


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Hi Murthy
I have a requirement to modify the Enter and Maintain Contingent Workers form so that it does not display PERSON_TYPE='Contact'. Would you be able to help me out please ?

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Nice article,very helpful.

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